Perhaps this is my whiny day, I’m not sure yet. Its been about 8 weeks since I started PD and 5 days since I started the CCPD machine. This shit is bananas. I have managed to do 3 successful exchanges since this began. We’ve had a blackout, which was fun. And I’ve spoken to my PD nurses more often than my family this week.

Crazy thunder-storm, power outage.

I sat in my bed with a gigantic red flashlight and the inch-thick manual waiting for the lights to come back on. There are a couple of options.

30 minutes,no problem. The machine will come back on by itself and restart your program, no alarms to deal with.

After 30 minutes the alarm sounds to tell you you’ve got no power. At which point you you’d better take what info you can off the screen, ’cause I’m pretty sure that’s all the battery power there is.

Within 2 hours, the machine will restart with an alarm and you have to push an overly complicated series of buttons. (How five buttons can become complicated, I don’t know, but this is my story and I will embelish however I see fit.)

After 2 hours, you’re pretty much screwed. The instructions say to disconnect and  call your PD center.

Now this is a great idea if only when I call the hospital, they’d actually put my page through. I digress.

Ultimately, I think I’ve learned so far not to panic when things malfunction. I’ve read (ok, I’m reading, its seriously an inch thick!) the manual, my PD unit really is great and Baxter has 24-hr support. Now all I have to do is find someone to do all this crap for me.

I guess I’ll curl up in a ball and cry sometime after the transplant.


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