How to create a biohazard in your very own bathroom

Morning has arrived and my PD has conspired with dawn to piss me off.

I hadn’t disposed of last nights final two drains and began my drain and fill this morning. In the midst of preparation I got distracted and forgot to clamp the fill line, then noticed that my drain bag was filling too fast. Sonofa! I recouped, clamped it and finished my drain. I had to grab a new bag and weight all three bags to figure out how much to put on.

Whew. Got that done…at least moderately successfully.

I take my IV pole to the bathroom. On the way there, I discovered the maximum weight the pole will hold before collapsing on itself. Six thousand grams, FYI.

In to the bathroom. I put the drain lines in the toilet and get the bright idea to raise the pole back up. I guess I must have raised it too far. You know that scene in any number of 80’s movies where the intrepid fish-out-of-water hero has a fight with a hose that gets out of control? Yeah, that kind of happened with my IV drain and the bathroom.

At one point, after bending over to wipe the floor with my back to the shower, I stand up to have not only my underwear and nightgown in my butt crack, but the bright green flowered shower curtain too.

The towels are in the laundry. The floor has been disinfected. Now I just have to check with the CDC to get my new biohazard control assignment.


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