My first trip

Pro tip: Call the local PD center (that uses the same products, eg. Baxter) and borrow an IV pole from them if you need it. That can cut down on your travel hassel.

I decided I would drive to see my parents for the weekend. It’s about a 400 mile trip. I’ve driven farther, no biggie. Trying to fly with the COPD machine seemed like too much of a hassle. The logistics of air travel involve carrying the eighty gazillion pound machine through at least two airports, packing extra (heavy in bulk) tubing, mini clips, mini caps, flexi caps, drain bags, cassettes, gauze, tape, gentimiacin. Not to mention however long’s worth of medication. Did I forget anything? Yeah, I probably did.

So I figured all that crap would be easier to lug 400 miles in a car. I was sort of right. I think I’m going to try flying next time.

It’s weird trying to keep your routine around people who weren’t there when you started it.

My parents were very attentive. I’m not sure if I really liked it or not. I live with a roommate who treats me like I’m not sick. Sometimes I forget I am largely because I don’t want to be. And then I go home and my parents quiz me on my eating habits. They freak when I get dizzy.

I went to happy hour with some wonderful nuts and it wasn’t difficult to have only one alcoholic drink the whole time. Actually it was easy.

The party the next night was harder but part of my strategy was to stay only a few hours. Since I was driving, I had a better excuse. Except.

I really wanted to get loaded and crash at the host’s house or share a hotel room with one of the other guests, but my COPD machine was at my parents house, waiting for me. Plus the cardiologist said 4 drinks per week.

I think what is hardest is how I have to live my life around getting on and off the machine. But I think I’m managing.

Overall the trip was good. the hassle is lugging everything around. Even though I find the concept daunting with security and everything, I think I will try to fly next time. That way my energy can remain reserved for the vacation part and I don’t have to focus on getting there.